For over 70 years, Beckett has taken pride in producing reliable, high-quality burners and components which provide many years of clean, efficient, cost-effective heat. Today, over 6 million Beckett burners are keeping families like yours warm and comfortable.

The AF, AFG and CF375 Sound Cover is an example of the advanced technology innovations which Beckett provides to help our products serve you better.

Kit Includes: Cover, mounting plate, mounting plate brackets.

Installation requires a 4″ minimum clearance from the front of the appliance. Burner does not need to be removed from appliance to install kit. Refer to form 61695 for installation instructions (see below).

Consumer Information

Installing the specially designed Sound Cover on a Beckett AF, AFG or CF375 burner makes a great burner even better by providing the following benefits:

  • Reducing air and component noise in nearby areas
  • Enhancing the appearance of the burner
  • Providing a solution to the outside air needs
  • Allowing installation in convenient locations such as:
    1. Finished Attics
    2. Closets
    3. Finished Basements
    4. Laundry Rooms
    5. Recreation Rooms

Installation Requirements & Issues

  • Clearances
    Make certain that you have sufficient clearance from doors, pipes, valves, or electrical fixtures as indicated in the adjacent diagrams. Allow time for any changes required.
  • Burner Type
    The burner must be a Beckett AF, AFG or CF375 burner. The cover will not fit S-housing burners.
  • Affected Noise
    Check on the source of the noise. The cover will significantly reduce near-burner sound levels such as air-intake sound or minor component noise. However, there are other system issues to consider. Making certain that the coupling is properly aligned and the motor bearings and other components are in good condition will also improve sound levels. Sound heard in remote areas–such as combustion noise–will be reduced by burner tune-ups or flue pipe mufflers more than by the installation of a burner cover.

Universal Burner Cover Installation Instructions

Review Frequently Asked Questions and a list of Affected Products.

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Please review the Limited Warranty.
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